7th May 2023

Extant secular ceremonial mantles:  1014 - 1275

Ceremonial mantles were a sign of power and wealth from the early middle ages on. They were made from expensive fabric such as brocade or silk samit and adorned with gold embroidery, stones, pearls, enamel and other precious materials. 

This article has the goal of compiling all extant secular ceremonial mantles from the 11th century, starting with the Star mantle of Henry II, who was made in 1014,  until the 13th century, ending with the mantle of Fernando de la Cerda who was buried in 1275.



22nd January 2022

Comital Administration in the County of Luxembourg at the turn of the 13th century: Efficiency, Organization and Loyalty


A small article about the organisation of the Count's administration during the 13th century.



14th December 2021

13th century Belts - Accessories to wear upon them

This article is supposed to treat the topic of accessories that can be worn upon a belt in the 13th century as well as alternatives that can be used.


In re-enactment nowadays, one of the biggest mistakes that can downgrade an already pretty decent impression, is wearing a lot of (in most cases useless or out of context) accessories, like pouches, purses, rosaries, drinking horns and knives etc.



25th November 2021

History of Luxembourg: From the Eponymity to the Battle of Worringen

A small article about the rise of power of Luxembourg from it's founding in 963, to one of it's biggest defeats, the battle of Worringen in 1288.