22nd January 2022

Comital Administration in the County of Luxembourg at the turn of the 13th century: Efficiency, Organization and Loyalty


A small article about the organisation of the Count's administration during the 13th century.



14th December 2021

13th century Belts - Accessories to wear upon them

This article is supposed to treat the topic of accessories that can be worn upon a belt in the 13th century as well as alternatives that can be used.


In re-enactment nowadays, one of the biggest mistakes that can downgrade an already pretty decent impression, is wearing a lot of (in most cases useless or out of context) accessories, like pouches, purses, rosaries, drinking horns and knives etc.



25th November 2021

History of Luxembourg: From the Eponymity to the Battle of Worringen

A small article about the rise of power of Luxembourg from it's founding in 963, to one of it's biggest defeats, the battle of Worringen in 1288.